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Citizens of Sremski Karlovci in Klanjec, Croatia

The citizens of Sremski Karlovci were the guests of the kind hosts of the Cultural Center of Klanjec in the Republic of Croatia through the international project “European Union – Future Challenges – Diversity is our advantage” within the Program “Europe for Citizens”, during the period 1-3. October 2021.

At the event organized by this project, all partners presented themselves: City of Klanjec (Croatia), Municipality of Rajecké Teplice (Slovakia), City of Dolní Benesov (Czech Republic), Croatian Cultural and Educational Society “Jelacic” Petrovaradin (Serbia), Danube 1245, Sremski Karlovci (Serbia), Municipality of Starse (Slovenia), Pensioners’ Association Bistrica ob Sotli (Slovenia), Musica Antuqua Ensemble Heviz (Hungary), KUD Hasan beg Biščević Bihać (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Democratic Alliance of Croats in Romania, Lupuc (Romania), Folklore group Grenzland, Nikitisch (Austria).

In the further course of events during 3 days, all partners took part in the work through a number of formats provided for the implementation of plenary and group work.

We hope that through cooperation on this project in the Cultural Center of Klanjec, the municipality of Klanjec and the citizens of Klanjec we have gained new partners for coordination and joint participation in new projects.