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Governmental Office for Civil Society Cooperation received notice of results of selection for several measures under EU for Citizens Programme. These are results for project proposals submitted under Call from March 2017 which were announced on web site of Programme..

Under Twinning of Towns Measure were submitted 482 project proposals from 24 countries, in total. From 134 approved projects, 4 projects applied by Serbia have been approved. Lead partners in those projects are: Hungarian Cultural Centre, Subotica; Municipality of Backi Petrovac; association of citizens “Micro Markets Movement” and “Libero” association.

Besides, 25 various stakeholders are partners on approved projects from Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Germany, Serbia, Greece, Croatia, Poland and Slovenia. Some of actors are partners on multiple approved projects.

Under the Network of towns 143 project proposals were submitted by 26 countries and 17 have been approved. There are no approved projects from Serbia.

On the other side, 7 stakeholders from Serbia have been approved as project partners on different projects from Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia. Partner’s organizations are “Danube 1245” association Sremski Karlovci, “Proactive” association from Nis, Foundation “Novi Sad 021 – EU cultural capitol”, Novi sad, Local community Palic, Subotica and “Fund of EU Affairs”, Novi Sad.

Under Projects for Civil Society Organisations Measure, 361 project proposals were submitted with 25 approved and 3 projects on reserve list.

From Serbia, 11 projects have been submitted and not a single one has been approved. Seven stakeholders from Serbia are approved as project partners and one of those is “Danube 1245” association, Sremski Karlovci. 2 additional partners from Serbia are listed on 2 projects from reserve list, in case of available funds.