After one year of permanent activities, the Final Conference was held in Croatia as country of Lead Partner where project partners from 4 other countries were hosted: Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.

Sremski Karlovci was represented by 8 representatives from 2 project partners: Municipality of Sremski Karlovci and Danube 1245.

The Conference was combination of various workshops and tourist tours where the hosts, PORC LDA and Municipality of Erdut presented some of the most interesting landmarks and results of contnuous investments in development of local tourist offer. This areas was recognised only as agricultural area, till recent times but now, it is transformed in area famous by its continental tourism.

It was very impressive to visit the archaeological excavations of Vucedol Culture where both, the place and architecture of Museum are in function of introducing unique ancient culture and knowledge related to the role of human race in Universe, on Planet Earth and purpose of their lifes.

Exciting was to sail on Danube River in ecological friendly electrical boat „Bajadera“, designed and built from scratch, but also, it was exciting to find out that this is a family investment supported by state and one food company which decided to take this opportunity for their promotion. The owner and very soon the captain of this boat is female, the only female boat owner and captain on Danube (as far as she knows). Danube is close related to wine production and during the sail, the wine degustation is offered to passengers.

Erdut Winery owns the biggest vineyard in one table in the country (around 515 ha) and this winery hosted all guests showing their history and achievements and quality of their products on the following degustation. We were able to see the biggest barrel in the world which is in use today, filled with 70.000 litters of wine.

The most important part of the Conference was held in intense discussions among the project partners with thorough considerations of possibility for cooperation. It was agreed that all participants will send their ideas to the Lead Partner who will create of data base of project ideas for the upcoming calls.

In one project year, all project goals are achieved, project partners were built good relations and exchanged all relevant information about capacities and activities and it was created favourable atmosphere as ground for future cooperation.

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