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The project within the “Europe for Citizens” program, entitled “United and Culture in the EU”, successfully passed the selection process.The leading partner is KUD “Anka Ošpuh” Ludbreg Croatia, and the partners are the Municipality of Laško Slovenia, Municipality Tržić Slovenia and the Association “Dunav 1245” Sremski Karlovci. the project is worth 16.630 euros.

With our project we want to promote cultural, historical and European values with the purpose of finding our similarities and differences, which combined together will represent our common European values that we all live by.

As the year 2018 has been designated as the European Year of Cultural Heritage, our project will focus on encouraging citizens to explore rich and diverse cultural heritage, on attempting to bring citizens closer trough cultural heritage, history and common values and on acknowledgement of cultural heritage as a mutual resource for raising awareness on different matters that have a huge impact of Europe.

In short, we want to promote European citizenship and put focus on democratization and development of civil societies, tolerance, promoting non violence and delivering new opportunities to societies in protection local cultural heritage. Also, our intention is to protect traditional art forms and show how culture was changed and what influence have history and social changes on cultural heritage.

Aims of the project are:

  • Strengthening cohesion and dialogue among citizens and promote role of local and European cultural heritage as a determinant of cultural diversity
  • Promotion of cultural heritage through rapprochement European citizens different cultures
  • Protection of cultural heritage and tradition
  • Creating and strengthening European identity