DANUBE 1245 partner in the project “SIDE” (Successful innovators in the citizenship of digital culture)

DANUBE 1245 partner in the project “SIDE” (Successful innovators in the citizenship of digital culture)

Within the program “Erasmus +”, KA227 – Partnerships for Creativity, the project “SIDE” is being implemented. The start date of the project is 01-03-2021 and the end of the project is 28-02-2023. The total duration is 24 months. The total budget is 180,547.00 EUR.

The project is implemented by civil society organizations from Belgium, Italy, Poland, Greece, Cyprus and Serbia that will cooperate in the fields of formal, non-formal and informal education, empowering young people by improving the necessary digital skills to promote culture, to be successful innovators by developing initiatives to digitize culture. at local and international level, assessing their capacity level through quantitative and qualitative self-evaluation and at the same time fostering, over time, an awareness of EU culture for future generations.

SIDE will develop tools as measures to accelerate digital transformation and use digital means to adapt to the way creative products, cultural goods and events are created. The aim of the project is to equip young people with the necessary educational materials and tools, as well as the competencies needed for creative and innovative solutions in order to overcome risks and inequalities in skills.

This will be achieved through the following project results:

– “Digital Culture Course”

– “Methodological manual on the digitization of culture and the creative sector”

– e-Assessment of digital skills in the sector of culture and creativity.

This project will also include four transnational project meetings that will contribute to the project preparation, implementation and evaluation phase, as well as six local events organized in each partner country.

During the project, an international training for young people in Italy will be organized: Two representatives from each partner organization will participate in a three-day event.

All information and material collected through this project, as well as developed innovative tools will be digitized and posted on the website of the project “SIDE”. The project website will ensure that all materials produced are open to full and free access to the public. Its development will start from the first year of implementation and adjustments will continue during the second year of the project and will be updated in accordance with the progress of the project and during its duration.

The partnership will capitalize and upgrade knowledge and expertise, as well as experience from best practices in their national context, for future turnover and knowledge transfer. Last but not least, the results of the SIDE project and the outcomes will have both international and local impact, as well as clear and tangible benefits and more opportunities for all stakeholders involved.

The first online meeting of the partners of the “Kick-Off SIDE Project” was held on April 14, 2021, where “Danube 1245” introduced itself to the partners and presented the steps on how to implement the upcoming activities within its obligation in the implementation of the Digital Culture Course.

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