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“Meeting with the target group – cultural heritage”

In Bac, in the hall of the Cultural Center, on April 15, 2021, the V Meeting with the target group – “cultural heritage” was realized within the project “Cult (R) ural – development, protection and promotion of the municipality of Bac” which is an integrative civic initiative The goal is to provide support to the citizens of the municipality of Bac to get involved in the development processes of the local community and is implemented by the Association of Citizens Danube 1245 from Sremski Karlovci in cooperation with the Tourist Organization Bac, which is part of a broader project “Platform for Responsible Public Finance Development (UNDP) and funded by the Government of Sweden.

The participants were citizens of Bac, farmers, civil society organizations, representatives of the public sector, the moderator of the meeting was Rajko Marinkovic, president of the association “Danube 1245”.

As part of the V meeting with the target groups, an invitation was prepared and sent to 25 email addresses of representatives of civil organizations operating in the field of cultural heritage, representatives of the Tourist Organization of Bac as project associates and representatives of Bac. On the scheduled day, a meeting was organized with 14 participants – citizens from the municipality of Bac, on the topic of project activities envisaged in the field of cultural heritage. Participants were presented with the project, project goals and their role in the project in different phases of project implementation. The participants presented their views on the situation on the topic of protection of cultural heritage, its importance for the community and the issue of achieving general social interest in this area.

The meeting lasted 1 hour and was realized in a friendly atmosphere and in the spirit of mutual cooperation and understanding. After the meeting, catering was organized for the participants in the hall of the Cultural Center and the conversation of the participants continued in an informal atmosphere.

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