The second project activity on the project “Dublin, Europe of all”

The second project activity of the project ‘’Dublin, shared Europe’’ took place on the 20th May 2021. Thirty participants aged between 15 and 30 took part in five workshops formulating recommendations for the resolution of the problems created by the application of the Dublin Treaty. Ten topics were discussed and 10 recommendations ensued.

The topics discussed by focus groups:

Group 1:  1.Education of migrants (teaching migrants about their rights but also the policies and values of EU)

  1. Education of local citizens of EU (raising awareness of the importance of tackling the migrant crisis)

Group 2:  1. Security of migrants and the protection of their rights

  1. Security issues for local people

Group 3:  1. The living conditions in migrant camps

  1. The possibility of providing migrants with accommodation in ‘’ghost villages’’

Group 4:  1. Providing migrants with adequate health care

  1. The necessity for EU to put in more effort in resolving conflicts in the countries migrants originate from

Group 5:  1. A necessity for a more even allocation of migrants among EU member states

  1. The necessity for more financial and logistic help in tackling migrant crisis for non-EU countries


The overall message that resulted from the second project activity could be summarised as: It is necessary for all EU member states to work together on solving the migrant crisis by establishing a better and more even distribution of migrants on the territory of EU all the while respecting their rights and providing security primarily for women and children.


The participants  testimonies after the second project activity show the importance of the issues covered by this project: 

‘’I wasn’t aware of the problems migrants are going through, especially women and children, before taking part in this project.’’

‘’I think these topics are not present enough in the media, I think social networks should be used more to bring these topics closer to the young generation.’’

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