UNITED Conference in Bucharest

UNITED Conference in Bucharest

The project UNITED aims to reinforce the inclusion of EU mobile citizens and their families into the political and societal life of the host countries and to increase their active involvement in democratic processes, particularly amongst under- represented groups such as women and young people.

European Union citizens’ right to free movement represents a remarkable experiment in the latest history of globe migration system. To date, however, the inclusion of mobile EU citizens as a particular target group has not been extensive debated so far, either at EU or national levels, and integration strategies at EU level are centered on the incorporation of legal lyre siding Third – country nationals.

The inclusion is a matter of the local government s and societies and it is important to ensure that municipal services are open to all residents and the cohesiveness of the more and more diver se populations. It is not just the EU and national policymaker s who should play a more hands – on role, yet city authorities, employers, and the countries of origin. Commission and EU Member States can help all citizens who make the choice to live and work in different locations in the European Union. This project can be considered a tentative first glance at some of the problems concerned, considering the incomplete studies on the social and political impact s of EU free movement to date.

This project aims at bringing together a wide range of partner towns in a town twinning event around EU mobile citizens’ integration. This event involves 1 Workshop in Romania. Given the backdrop of the COVID- 19 restrictions and in case of a potential pandemic outbreak, the referred activity may be conducted remotely.


The consortium is consisted of 6 EU countries: Romania, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and the partners are local public bodies (Municipalities) and NGOs that represent a local authority (Municipality). The expected out comes will be the Project Website & the Workshop’s Report.

The Serbian delegation was a guest and took active participation at the conference on September 22-26, 2021.