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The Annual General Assembly of the Association “Danube 1245”

On 14.10.2021, a meeting of the annual assembly of the association “Danube 1245” was held. Forteen members of the Association worked at the Assembly meeting. During the meeting, the unanimously adopted annual reports for 2020 (Work Report and Financial Report) were submitted, as well as the planning documents for 2022 (Work Plan and Financial Plan).

These documents were previously, on October 12, 2021, presented, discussed and adopted at the meeting of the Board of Directors.

Also, the Rulebook on anti-corruption activities of the association was adopted and 3 current projects were presented: the SIDE project within the Erasmus + program, the project “Dublin ConDivis – Shared Europe” and the DESIRE project within the program “Europe for Citizens”.

The Annual Assembly was chaired by Ms. Brigita Dimitrijević, President of the Assembly of the Association.

Annual reports and plans were presented by the president of the association, Mr. Rajko Marinkovic.

Reports on ongoing projects were submitted by Mr. Dejan Gluvačević.