SIDE Project: The Final Phase in Creating The First Project Result

SIDE Project: The Final Phase in Creating The First Project Result

The SIDE project is entering the final phase in creating materials for the “Digital Culture Course”. This course is intended for end users – students interested in the application of advanced tools for the creation and presentation of content in the creative and cultural sector (CSS).

So far, the partners have prepared texts for 10 modules – thematically profiled content of the future course and now the partners are working on creating video content for each of the modules that will present the content of the module in an abbreviated form, in an innovative and interesting way.

Video content will be combined to make the content of all modules available to the end user and make it easier for him to get acquainted with the overall content of the course, as well as easier selection of materials that the student wants to get acquainted with in more detail.

We are expecting the translation of materials into the mother tongues of all partners and 2 phases of testing with potential users in order to improve the prepared materials and raise the level of functionality of the Course.

The entire work is planned to be completed by the end of January 2022.

Association Dunav 1245 from Sremski Karlovci is a partner in the project responsible for its implementation in Serbia.

For now, this partner has collected material for modules 9 and 10 on the topics of virtual and augmented reality in CSS and Online digital media tools and apps (audio-video) for promoting Culture services / products.

Abstracts and 2 scenarios for the future video materials have been prepared, as well as video and audio files intended to present the contents of modules 9 and 10 in an abbreviated form. In November, the final editing of video / audio materials is taking place.