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Project SIDE, IO 1, Piloting Phase 2

Date 25.03.2022. A meeting was held as part of the pioneering of the Digital Culture Course (EB 1) in Stara Pazova in the “Branko Radičević” Gymnasium in the IT calssroom, in the presence of 28 participants – students of the final school year.

The meeting was arranged with prof. Vesna Smudja who received materials related to the meeting and prepared the students for the meeting. The meeting was organized by the association Danube 1245, whose members also took part in the meeting. The meeting started with an introductory presentation on the association and the SIDE project, project goals and the current implementation of IO 1 – Digital Culture Course. Rajko Marinković, in his capacity as the president of the association, presented the work of the association and the SIDE project.

Dejan Gluvačević, Director of the PM Sector, presented the work done so far on the implementation of the Digital Culture Course and presented written material through a list of modules and the content of individual modules. Participants were introduced to the SIDE project website and received precise information on what information can be found on the site for now and what will be available on the site soon when the part of the site related to the Course is completed. All participants are invited to view the site.

Prof. Jelena Petrović, member of the Board of Directors and lecturer at Karlovac High School in Sremski Karlovci presented Module 9 of the Digital Culture Course she created during the preparation phase and introduced the participants to the content of this Module and information that young people can download and use for their projects and creation. cultural and creative content on social networks. Some practical aspects such as making a tutorial on Youtube and others were discussed. Participants actively participated in the discussion on these topics with questions and comments, thus showing that they understood the concept and content of the Course.

After the presentations, prof. Jelena Petrović took all the participants through the questionnaire, giving explanations about the categories of the questionnaire that the participants filled in anonymously.