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Project SIDE, IO 1, Piloting Phase 2

Date 19.04.2022. A meeting was held within the pioneering course of digital culture (EB 1) in the Ecological Center, in the presence of 20 participants – students of the final school year of the Agricultural School Futog, Serbia.

The meeting was organized by the Danube Association in 1245. It began with an introductory presentation on the association and the AIDS project, project goals and the current implementation of IO 1 – Digital Culture Course. Rajko Marinković, in the capacity of the president of the association, presented the work of the association and the SIDE project.

Dejan Gluvačević, Director of the PM Sector, presented the work done so far on the realization of the Digital Culture Course and presented written material through the list of modules and the content of individual modules. Participants were introduced to the SIDE project website and received precise information on what information can be found on the website and which translations are available to all users. All participants are invited to find the site on their mobile devices, view the site and test how it works. During the meeting, all modules were opened and the content and appearance of the module were briefly commented, so that all participants were acquainted in detail with the content of the Digital Course, how to present the material and access to information contained in the curriculum. Participants downloaded a link to the project site so that they could access the course material as needed. Participants stated that they have an acceptable way of accessing and using the Digital Culture Course through the MOOC format for distance learning. Participants stated that the format seems familiar to them, through the experience of online learning at school.