SIDE Project: “Digital Culture” course available

SIDE Project: “Digital Culture” course available

SIDE project has developed tools for using digital assets to create products, cultural goods and events.

The project has built a new interactive website at with educational material and tools that enable the education and acquisition of digital skills of end users in 10 different areas.

All educational materials of the course were piloted in 2 phases at 12 meetings with 240 young people from 6 countries and all materials are structured in the following topics:

  1. Digital Policy: Copyright and Open Licenses
  2. Content of digital culture
  3. Promotion of digital culture on social networks and beyond
  4. Digital Advertisements
  5. Digital analytics (Google, Facebook, Twitter, SEO)
  6. Campaigns for digital arts and culture
  7. Virtual museums
  8. Digital culture of storytelling
  9. Tools and applications for online digital media (audio-video) for the promotion of cultural services/products
  10. Augmented and virtual reality in CCS

The website with the Massive Open Online Course “Digital Culture” is available on the project website under the MOOC category at the address where the complete course material “Digital Culture” is available and is available in 6 languages: Serbian, English, Italian, Polish, Greek and French.

In order to view the course materials translated into languages ​​other than English, it is necessary for each user to first register and log in to the website

On the website with the “Digital Culture” course, users can access all educational materials and, by studying the available materials, acquire new competencies or strengthen their capacity to work in the creative and cultural sector.

The materials contain quizzes to help users test their understanding of each of the topics presented.

After getting acquainted with the educational materials, each user will have the opportunity to use the application for self-assessment and to receive objective information about his acquired competencies. For now, this website option is still under construction and will be available from 2023.

Also, after going through all the course materials, each user has the opportunity to automatically request and receive their certificate of completion of the digital culture course through the appropriate application. The certificate can be requested in electronic form at the link