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Final conference on the EFYRA project – European future of young people in rural areas

The event called “Looking into the future” was held in Croatia, in Novi Marof and Varaždinske Toplice from 21-24. September 2022.

More than 120 participants attended the fifth and last event through the EFYRA project – The European future of young people in rural areas in order to reach conclusions through a debate on the topic of the departure of young people from rural areas, which will be an integral part of the EFYRA study. Siniša Jenkač, member of the National Parliament and Zdravko Tušek, State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture participated in the debate. During the event, the content of the study was presented, which will be submitted to the National Governments of the project partner countries, Euro parliamentarians and the EU Commission. Also, the results achieved through the Europe for Citizens Program, through which the EFYRA project and the new CERV program were financed, were also presented.

On behalf of the Republic of Serbia, in addition to representatives of the project team, the event was attended by representatives of the Dunav 1245 association and students of Karlovac High School, who, in addition to actively participating in the debate, presented Sremske Karlovci and its potential.

In addition to the official part of the event, visits to the Marica Černi farm and the Grebengrad archery club were also organized.

The goal of the project is to identify the causes of migration in each partner area through a joint discussion of the project partners and to provide proposals for preventing youth migration through active workshops. Experts (demographers and sociologists) who are involved in the preparation of the EFYRA study contribute to the qualitative analysis along with thematic discussions.

Project realization period: 1.10.2020. – 20.3.2022.

Project holder: LAG Prigorje-Zagorje from Croatia

Project partners:

  1. Youth Association “Youth for Marof” (Croatia)
  2. Society for the Development of Voluntary Work Novo mesto (Slovenia)
  3. Association Slow tourism alto adige (Italy)
  4. Municipality of Borgo Virgilio (Italy)
  5. Municipality of Sopronkovesd (Hungary)
  6. LAG Ida Harju (Estonia)
  7. Regional Development Agency Backa (Serbia)
  8. Association of Citizens “Danube 1245” (Serbia)
  9. Municipality of Kruševo (Northern Macedonia)


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