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Danube 1245: Participation in the “Europe is Easy” Project in Breznički Hum

From 11-13. November 2022, members of the Dunav 1245 association were participants as partners in the “Europe is Easy” Project in Breznički Hum under the Europe for Citizens program. Here is an excerpt from the news about the event published on the website of the municipality of Breznički Hum:

“European project with partners from 7 countries: From Thursday, November 10 to Sunday, November 13, Breznički Hum hosted the Europroject “Europe for Citizens – Simple Europe”, in which representatives of 7 countries participated under the support of the European Union. As many as 250 Hungarians, Romanians, Slovenians, Serbs, Macedonians and Croats participated in the implementation of the “Europe is easy” project, which was postponed twice due to the pandemic, but last weekend was finally spent celebrating the Breznički Hum Municipality Day.

– We were able to fully implement this interesting project thanks, first of all, to the cooperation with all the municipalities and cities that were involved in the implementation, so now we will collect impressions and experiences and put what we have learned on paper and send it to the Commission of the European Union in the form of an essay – says Zoran Hegedić, mayor of the municipality of Breznički Hum – the owner of the project.

The project implementation program included the reception of guests at Šafran Winery on Friday with a brief presentation of all participants from the Macedonian Kruševo, the Slovenian Novi Mesto, the Serbian Vrnjačka Banja and Sremski Karlovac, the Hungarian Sopronkovesd, the Bosnian Banja Luka and the Romanian Joseni municipality, as well as the Croatian host Breznički Hum.

On Saturday morning, a round table on the topic of Euroscepticism was held in the Ivan Rabuzin Cultural Center in Novi Marof, after which the guests were presented with the folk customs of the celebration of St. Martin’s Day in these areas through an appropriate program on “Martinj in Marof” organized by the local tourist board. Experiences and the importance of participating in European projects usually result in concrete effects, this time with the presentation of a book of vintage recipes, based on the experiences of local housewives by author Darinka Andrašek. The European perspective of young people and the European identity as we see it were then presented by the hosts in an interesting way, connecting these themes with a literary and poetic performance by the Humščak culture association, and a Saturday evening gala concert by the Sveti Martin Brass Band and guests in the hall of Breznički Hum Elementary School. Sunday, however, was spent with the ceremony of signing the Agreement on future cooperation between the project partners, and a very attractive cultural and artistic program with performances by members of the Countess of Konjski from Konjščina, Potkalnik nobility from Gornja Rijeka and traditional musicians from Hungary. The inhabitants of Hum and their guests could see the traditional Martinjski and Prigorje-Zagorski fairs and then enjoy the flavors at the Old Žmaki event with an offer of local dishes, which can rarely be tasted anywhere else. It should certainly be mentioned that the participants of the project went home after a four-day stay with a host rich in experience of ten years of implementing European projects, expressing their satisfaction and confidence in meeting again.”