You are currently viewing Danube 1245 participated in the project “TIME OF CRISIS – A CHANCE FOR EUROPEAN UNITY” in Klanjec, Croatia

Danube 1245 participated in the project “TIME OF CRISIS – A CHANCE FOR EUROPEAN UNITY” in Klanjec, Croatia

From 27-30. April 2023, members of the Dunav 1245 association were participants as partners in the project “TIME OF CRISIS – A CHANCE FOR EUROPEAN UNITY” in Klanjec, from the CERV TT program.

European project with partners from 11 countries: from Thursday, April 27 to Sunday, April 30, Klanjec hosted the European project “Time of crisis – an opportunity for European unity”, in which representatives of the countries of Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Malta, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria and Serbia, with the support of the European Union.

The project implementation program began on Thursday at a joint dinner with an appropriate welcome speech by the mayor of Klanjec, Mr. Zlatko Brlek.

On Friday in the morning, we were given a formal reception in the Croatian Parliament. Our host was the president of the Committee for Internal Policy and National Security, after his introductory speech, a discussion was opened on the topic of solidarity within the Union. We were provided with a guide around the parliament and presence in the Balkans of the parliament during its work.

After that, the tour guide introduced us to the sights of the city of Zagreb in the city center.

We visited the House of Europe in Zagreb, where the presentation of the European Commission of the EU and an open discussion on the topic of human rights were held.

On Saturday, a presentation was held in the town hall of Klanjec – Community energy for energy solidarity, examples of good practice of energy solidarity were given, the expert reporter was the Regional Energy Agency.

This was followed by the presentation – My personal story is not abstract, a speech by a Ukrainian mother of two children who presented her personal life story caused by the aggression against her country, after which a debate was opened on the topic of integration, assimilation or support for the return of displaced persons to their homes.

The “New European Bauhaus” workshop discussed the possibilities of mutual cooperation.

In the evening, the final speech of the mayor and the participants was held, with the exchange of gifts, followed by an appropriate cultural and artistic program.

With this event, the town of Klanjec presented the potential of Zagorje and the friendliness of its fellow citizens in the best possible way.


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