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You Decide project

Partnership: INSTITOYTO KOINONIKIS KAINOTOMIAS KAI SYNOXIS – EL Danube 1245 – RS FAJUB – Federação das Associações Juvenis de Braga – PT

Within the Erasmus + project No. 2022-1-EL02-KA154-YOU-000070803 ‘’YouDecide -Defending Youth and Decision Makers Transnational EU Youth Dialogue’’, citizens’ association Danube 1245 from Serbia organised a workshop for 47 high school students and their teachers in Agricultural High School in Futog, Serbia on 7.12.2023.

The Agenda comprised a lecture on the active citizenship and opportunities for young people to actively participate in the decision making processes on the local and national level, with examples of EU and national institutions which focus on youth participation as well as the best practices examples of youth organizations’ projects in Serbia. The students also watched an informative video on youth participation which was made specifically for this workshop. The lecture was followed by a quiz on youth rights and civic engagement. Afterwards, the students participated in a workshop in which they worked in groups of 5 with the goal to come up with ideas for a project in their local community. This was a type of guided practice in which the students were given potential topics for their project to choose from and a handout with guiding questions to be answered. After fruitful discussion, a representative of each group then presented the ideas for their group’s project.  The overall outcome was raised awareness of the importance of youth participation in the decision making process and the students’ satisfaction with their own ability to come up with meaningful solutions for the problems in their local community.